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In response to the safety of children under 5 years old in swimming pool-related incidents, the Queensland government has updated pool safety regulations to require all pools on all types of properties to pass inspection.

This sweeping reform’s purpose is to remove pool-related safety hazards and prevent mishaps. It’s important to know what your role is if a pool is on your property, as property owners and renters are responsible for in fully complying with the safety standards.

If you own property with a pool, you are required to install a pool enclosure. If you are a renter, it’s your responsibility to maintain a pool enclosure on your property.

A licensed and certified professional must perform your pool inspection. Here are the steps to a pool safety certificate:

  1. Use the Queensland safety standards to check your pool and pool enclosure. If there are issues that don’t require professional help to solve, resolve them. 
  2. Schedule an inspection with a licensed and certified pool inspections Brisbane service provider.
  3. If you pass the inspection, the inspector will issue a pool safety certificate.
  4. If you fail the inspection, the inspector will issue a non-conformity notice. This notice will come with a list of issues you need to resolve. 

If you get a non-conformity notice, you’ll need to schedule another inspection. You don’t have to switch pool inspection companies for your second round. Make sure you resolve all issues before your next inspection.

Leading pool inspections near you

Searching for “swimming pool inspectors near me” won’t produce the quality provider you need. Brisbane to Bay is a proud and professional pool inspections Brisbane provider. Our licensed pool inspectors, report on pools at all parts of the buying or selling process. Whether it’s before or after a sale, we can handle any request. Our pool inspection services include:

  • Pool defects
  • Safety issues
  • Fencing
  • Pool equipment
  • And more…

Our inspector and founder, Angelo Di Pino, knows how important it is to receive a thorough inspection. As a licensed and certified building inspector with over 30 years of experience, he prides himself on providing professional responsibility and attention to detail.

Our in-house procedures help us ensure that your property meets all safety standards. For added savings, you can combine our available services. If you’ve been meaning to schedule a building or pest inspection, we can bundle them for an affordable price.

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Contacts us at Brisbane to Bay to request a quote from your local licensed and certified pool inspections provider. When you call us, we’ll review all the details on the service you’re requesting and will follow up promptly to provide an accurate quote and timeline for your project. 

We build the timeline for your project with your schedule in mind. That means the least amount of disruption to you. Our mission is to reduce risk and promote peace of mind. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your pool and pool enclosures are working to keep your family safe.

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